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Bonsai is a full service market research company specialized in the fields of real testing and POS research. Founded 10 years ago with the media test market in Bremen – "Succeed in Bremen and you can succeed anywhere in Germany" – we today conduct research projects in the whole of Europe: whether you want to test in pharmacies or in supermarkets, OTC products or perfumes.

Bonsai is your partner in answering your research questions regarding real testing of product and media innovations.


Bonsai is your partner in answering your research questions regarding real testing of product and media innovations

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The story of the little tree and real research

Bonsai was founded in 2003 together with our partner TNS Infratest.
When founding the company, the core idea was to offer the industry a scaled-down version of Germany, in other words a "bonsai Germany" with all of its different facets. Thus we quickly found a name and a program. Today we conduct more than 100 research projects per year and see what works and what doesn't everyday.


… and we have sold 4 bonsai trees since 2003. Here you will find our Bonsai trees.

Bonsai is looking forward to hearing from you!

People who work hard are allowed to indulge from time to time. That is why for us sitting together after a long day of work drinking some wine or a beer is part of the job (some even drink water). We consider ourselves a team who pull together. And maybe soon we will do that for you…

Contact management:
Norbert Hegmann, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Timm Harder, Director Pharma
Hartmut Scheffler, Member of TNS Infratest Board
Stefan Feldmeier, Director FMCG
Dirk Hamann, Director Research and Development

The story of the little tree
and real research

Bonsai is part of the international TNS Infratest network and thus disposes of contacts in numerous countries. The NOVENTI GmbH is our strong partner in the healthcare market.

TNS NOVENTI eye square eye square

Bonsai – become part of our little world!

We owe our efficiency to our team that pursues and achieves our client's goals and the goals of Bonsai with enthusiasm and commitment. To be able to continue successfully and to strengthen our team we are continuously looking for qualified additions. Please send your application via email only to:

Bonsai is a training company:
Bonsai trains as specialist in market and social research (Fachangestellter Markt- und Sozialforschung).

Bonsai accompanies students:
We regularly support students with a business or economic background in their thesis. The focus should be on trade, marketing, communication, sales or market research topics.

Internship at Bonsai:
Tasks: Support in various market research projects, preparation of reports in power point, project work (contact participants, coordination, etc.), organization of test spots in the Bremen cable network, back office operations.

Requirements: Basic studies, advanced knowledge of MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, and Word), conceptual and analytic abilities, collegiality, flexibility, and team spirit.

Duration: 4-6 months

We kindly ask you to send your application
via email only to:


Bonsai GmbH
An der Reeperbahn 6
28217 Bremen

Telefon: + 49 421 46 022 0
Fax: + 49 421 46 022 99

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Why does a research company sell
Bonsai trees?

You think that is peculiar? To be honest: we think so, too. The initiation of this slightly bizarre segment of our portfolio is a courtesy of the district court of Bremen which stated:

The name is misleading, as it has to be assumed that
Bonsai Deutschland actually sells bonsai trees"

That was a pretty big shock for us – as we had already produced all
marketing material. The discussion lasted a few months until one day, in
a very emotional conversation and in sheer desperation we said:
"In the name of God, then let's sell bonsai trees!"

The answer was: "Alright, then you can use this name."

Today there are two lines of business noted in the commercial register and in our partnership agreement: market research and – selling bonsai trees! With every bigger research project comes one little bonsai tree delivered at the final presentation! We know that they are high-maintenance plants. Should your tree have died: No worries, we will bring you a new one with the next project.

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